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Explore how to Compare and Evaluate Quotes of Different Packers and Movers

As residential moving, commercial moving and even international moving has become very common, there are high volume of packers and movers available in the industry. This is the reason, finding reliable and affordable packer and mover in Jamnagar is quite challenging and difficult task. If you search about rates and charges of packers and movers, you will find that almost every one quotes you a different price and even the variation in price can be up to 30%. You don’t believe me? Fine! Test it yourself putting your requirements. Have a look on few steps to be followed in such scenario:

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1. Obtain quotes from at least 4 to 5 trustworthy packers and mover company.

  • Instead of making random calls, you should first try, ask your friends or relative, search over internet and then make list of reputable packers and movers.
  • Internet is a great platform for finding out such companies.
  • While obtaining quotation, ask your packers and movers to provide you break-up of quotation according to packing, transportation, loading, unloading, unpacking etc.

2. Collect some basic information about the company for the verification of their reliability and credibility.

  • Meet the service provider face to face and get aware of their staff attitude and behavior.
  • Get completely understanding of all of the terms and conditions and of hidden costs also.
  • Check out the reviews and feedback of people and previous customers about the company.
  • Ask for the estimates of time taken by them in packing and moving and also ask for the details of packing material they will use in packing.

3. Once you obtained information, now compare on the basis of quotes, reviews, estimated time,             quality of service etc.
  • Note down the company offering you minimum quote for the services.
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  • Have a look over the reviews, complaints, estimated time quoted and the quality of packing of all companies. On the basis of priority and feedback, choose upon one or two movers & packers.
  • If possible try to negotiate over the quote with the chosen packers and movers.
4. Choose the company that you find will best suit your requirements and budget.
  • On the basis of overall research, analysis and comparison, decide upon a company and handover your order to the most suitable packer and mover company. While finalizing, don’t forget to be clear on amount to be paid for service. And also finalize the deal only with written agreement.

Hope you will have safe and happy moving!

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