Thursday, 18 January 2018

Correct-X Relocation Packers and Movers Offer Unparallel Relocation Solution

So, you want your home to be shifted perhaps did not find the solution of this home shifting stress. Want a good, professional and reliable movers and packers in your area? Then here is the one best company on which you can rely blindly and can make your move so easy and that one is Agarwal packers and movers who are serving their client’s from many years and many more to come from their hard work, dedication and experts in their team. This professional relocation service provider make sure that you get rid from the shackles of shifting worries as you are provided with the best services, which will assure your move to be smoother.

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It is a true fact that a single person can get surrounded by lots of problems by thinking about their home relocation. But when you have the best movers with you, go a long way in minimizing the stress because they understand the needs and requirements of their customers. They totally understand the boons and banes of a relocation process on an individual as not everyone is ready to spend a lot in their home relocation. So, they provide their services to customized relocation services that will certainly offer you a memorable experience.

Your stress, worries and tensions all will be taken over by the movers from the moment you seek their expert services. You need to just be in contact with them once and ask for the quotation, they will definitely arrive on time at your doorstep with their best services. Once the staff arrived at your place you just then need to relax and enjoy. As this moving company is a professional and reliable company, they will pack all your goods in A class packing material and use only professional tools and equipments so that your goods will not be damaged in the transportation. All the items such as the kitchen goods, electrical appliances, children toys, stationary items, etc are sorted in a hassle-free manner to assure you a smoother move.

They use the different kinds of packing materials to pack different kinds of goods as not every item can be packed in same kind of material because every item has its own characteristics due to which their packing material varies. For instance, the fragile items are packed with the special packing materials as it ensures that the fragile items remain damage free during the transportation as these items are sensitive and needs special care.

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Hence, Correct-X Relocation Packers And Movers always believe in diminishes the moving hassles of their clients so that they can sit back, relax and enjoy their move.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Overall charges for Home Shifting Services

The charges for home shifting services in India are not fixed, they vary accordingly the services and place to place. It totally depends on the services that the customer requires and the quality of material they require to pack their goods. Each and every person demand different and have different types of materialistic things which demands different packaging material. So the cost varies for every person and for every good. As per the requirements of different types of goods, the different type of packing material that is used is bubble sheets, cardboard, thermocol, newspapers and foam. So it totally depends on them that what material they choose and the price then decided accordingly.

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There are a lot many companies who charge differently depending upon their rate of taxes and different policies. Some moving companies do not charge tax, some charge little bit of it and some charge high taxes. So that also varies on the ranking of the companies. Other than that the stuff and material they use for packing the goods and valuable belongings of customers, also depends upon the needs and requirements of the customers and that will be added in the total charges accordingly. Also, fragile goods needs extra care so they will be packed in a very good material so the cost of packing fragile goods are little higher than the other goods. Some people usually make their fragile goods pack in the packaging of other goods to cut the cost of shifting but that tends to break and damage to their fragile goods which is not bearable for them.

Now, here is the list which includes the total cost of home shifting services:

The total cost includes:

• Cost of packing material.

• Cost of tools and equipments.

• Cost of Packing and unpacking.

• Cost of Transportation.

• Cost of Insurance.

• Cost of Taxes and Policies.

• Labour cost.

• Cost of type of boxes or container

• Distance to be travelled. 

• Amount of goods to be packed.

These are all the charges which a movers and packers include in their services for your home shifting.

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These are some few things on which the cost of your home shifting depends. The more services you take the more will be your cost, so, it always depends on the demands and requirements of the customers. The quality of services also varies as per the cost as the less services you demand for the less will be your cost. So, cutting your cost and cutting the pain of your home shifting that all depends on you.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

5 R’s To Ensure Right Selection While Relocating

Growth is the need of life. Every human being wants to improve and develop during his course of time. Everyone has a dream house to make and live in during his life span and you work hard all your life in order to make that dream come true. New house sounds nice only till it is about either buying it or living in it but dreams encounter hassle as soon as the process of packing and shifting comes into picture as it occupies major part of your time and effort. So it is always a wiser and better decision to hire a professional moving company to help you relocate without any stress.

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Here are some easy and effective tips (5 R’s) to help you choose the best and most suitable relocation company for your help.


Go for reliability when it comes to choosing between all the options that you come across. Read about their work experience and try to gather as much information as possible before you finalize anyone. Feedback is always important and helpful in choosing the best for you. Also prefer a company with experience then someone who is new in the market. Experience assures reliance of previous customers to a certain extent.


It is generally experienced that you will always prefer buying any product with recognition in the market over the one that is new. Recognition symbolizes its Fame and the company’s fame long and side by side reduces the chances of fraud and piracy.


Whenever you conduct a small survey, you will realize that there are some core representations in every field or industry. So is the case with moving companies. During the survey even you will come across some names as established brands with good quality of work and experience. Such established names represent the industry so choose wisely from any of the established representatives.


There are some policies and conditions of every company which includes the assurance of the level of care and responsibility that they agree to take, for your belongings. Be cautious and certain and make sure you read all the terms and conditions before finalizing any deal. Also make sure that the company is responsible enough and holds clause for the safety of your belongings as well.

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Not all the transporting and relocating companies have access to remote reach i.e. not all of them are networked enough to move to remote locations. So it is better to go for a company that has good network across and has good access to remote regions because you might not always get to shift to a major city, rather you might have to move to some remote place due to unavoidable reasons and also with a choice sometimes. So always prefer a company that has an established network and easy access to remote corners of the country.

If you consider all the above points while you choose then the decision will always b wise and helpful. Your dream of living in a new house will be fantasizing throughout i.e. from thinking to finally living.

Correct-X Relocation Packers & Movers in Jamnagar Is a renowned and established brand in the moving and relocating Sector.

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Monday, 1 January 2018

No. Of Tips Necessary Before Arrival Of Packing And Moving In Jamnagar

Well you will be thinking how things before arrival of Packers and Movers in Jamnagar can make a change in successful and smooth relocation, may be you have hired full services of packers and movers in Jamnagar for your #relocation, but there are some necessary steps which you should follow for speeding up the relocation process and minimize the chances of risk and damage, and hindrance between the flow of the relocation.

Evacuate the home:

Before the arrival of #packers and #movers its #best to evacuate your home, search and inspect your home, sort out the things, which you want to keep and relocate to the destination and which you no longer #need and want to get rid of it. You can donate or sell the items which you don’t need any more locally or online on sites like OLX, this will save the time in #packing and moving the goods.

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Ask you movers in advance what they cannot move:

There are certain things which are not legal for movers to shift, and some items validity depend on the way of #transporting, so ask your movers to get the list of items in advance which are not #move by them, so you can take necessary steps on time.
  1. Note down that pet and plant cannot be transported and loaded on the same moving truck which is loaded with your goods, so for their relocation to the destination it’s better to hire some professionals just like #Packers and #Movers #Jamnagar, who besides providing the services of #household #relocation in Jamnagar, #corporate #relocation# in jamnagar, #warehousing and #storage #facility# in Jamnagar, #car and #bike #transportation services in #Jamnagar and many more. Provide #pet and #plant #relocation in jamnagar. They not only assist in domestic relocation but also provide assistance in international relocation in Jamnagar.
  2. Give them away to the friend or to the local management or society who handle the items of hazardous goods. (For expert advice or any query related to your relocation you can contact packers and movers Ahmedabad).
  3. Donate or give perishable goods to the friend or relocation.

Pre packing of small things:

It’s better to pack the tiny little things on your own, like small decoration, jewellery and souvenir and all on a small seal packed, so they won’t get scatter on the ruckus of relocation process in Jamnagar.


Before arrival of Packers and Movers Jamnagar, pre label your boxes by using any systematic marking techniques, so that it will be easy for packers and movers to #pack which goods in which box and what level of delicacy require.

Pack your “first night box”:

Before the arrival of packing and moving in Jamnagar, pack the first night box, in which you should keep the items which you require daily and on routine, like bathroom, bedroom and kitchen items, so can live comfortably in a chance your shipment is late then your arrival to the destination. Also keep gold, cash and other important financial documents in it. Don’t mix the box with the others and carry it with yourself.

Prior planning for kids and pets:

Seeing new faces I don’t think your pet with react friendly, and may be your kids won’t feel comfortable in the fuss of relocation, so it’s better to hire some baby sitter on that day or you can ask for the help form your relative or friends for kids and pets, so there will be no hindrance in the process of relocation and no risk of accident and damage.

Keep the evidence:

Before packing and moving starts click the picture of your goods, so if by any chance if you find any damage or loss in property you have an evidence to prove the condition of goods before relocation and so claim for the compensation.

Secure your personal data:

Before the arrival of Packers and Movers Jamnagar double check your locker and almirah and also check your pc and computer is locked by the password.

Preparation of supplements:

As we know out of the courtesy, we should provide normal interval to the team during the process of relocation, and should provide supplements like light snacks and water, some refreshments.

Prepare house for relocation:

Before the arrival of Movers and Packers in Jamnagar, cover the floors and carpet, protect the walls and corners, and remove painting, clock and other artifacts before the move, to save all these from damage.

For more reliance on packers and movers you can contact or visit to Packers and Movers Jamnagar site and check the packers and movers Jamnagar #reviews.