Friday, 22 December 2017

Things Not be Get Packed by Packers and Movers While Relocation

Now when you have decided upon the good packer and mover for your move, you must gain knowledge of what items your must packs and which items you must not. There are lots of people who prefer doing packing of their goods their own and rely on professionals only for relocation of it. On other side, there are also such type of people, who completely rely on professional packers and movers for every task from packing, loading to moving, unloading and unpacking. Well, if you are among the second type of people, then while handing over the task to mover and packers there are few things that you should get packed by them.

Here are few of the tips about things you should get packed by the packers and movers:

Do not carry important documents and items while moving

Important, papers, file, business documents and important items are the stuff that you should carry with you in your hands. Any loss of such documents or items, in case of accidents while moving, can bring large losses to you. List of such documents and items includes:

- Address books

- Important keys like car keys, home keys, and locker keys

- Bank Documents like Cheque books, bank papers etc.

- Medical Documents like medical reports, receipts and prescriptions

- Traveling Tickets

Avoid carrying hazardous materials during moving

While packing goods, make sure no such items should get packed that can cause the accidents during moving. Such items are very hazardous and can cause explosions while moving which can lead towards your goods’ losses and even life loss. Such items include:

- Chemical Liquids like oil, kerosene, etc.

- Cooking Gas Drums

- Any liquid as its leakage can result in damage of all other goods of yours while transit

Don’t carry living things during moving

Living things like plants, pets, etc are advised not to be carried during moving. However, there are some packers and movers that offer services of relocation of your pets and plants along with your household goods, but it is quite not good idea when the distance is matter of concern. Even also, packing the plants and pets inside a box is not a good. Suffocation can cause harm to the pets in cages during moving. Therefore, it is best to carry them along with you in your car.

Hope these tips will help you in having safe and satisfactory relocation. Happy Moving!!!

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