Friday, 15 December 2017

Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company

Are you planning to shift to a new place, and are looking for the best moving companies in Toronto? Here’s a checklist to help you make the best decision.

Get the estimate
Before you sign up a company for hoarder cleanup service or moving services, you should ask them for an estimate. Many times, the company may tell you that they can calculate the pricing after the job is done. But when you look at the bill, you may feel that you have been fleeced. To prevent such a problem, you should get the proposed estimate at the beginning. Make sure that the representatives from the company inspects the site and makes a list of the important tasks to be done before they prepare the estimate. If they just give you a costing at random or tell you that there is no need to check out the site, you will be better off looking at the other moving companies in Toronto.
Packers And Movers

Have they clearly listed the rights and responsibilities?
Both the moving company and the client has equal rights and responsibilities during the moving process. You need to check if the moving company abides by the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers. It should provide a pamphlet that will clearly describe the liabilities for loss or damage of items.

Will they provide equipment and materials for packing and transfer?
There are some moving companies in Toronto that charge you separately for the packing materials. So, you should first clarify this fact before you sign up for the service. In case, they need to do hoarder cleanup service along with transfer, they will have a different pricing module. Make sure you check out if there are any hidden charges before you sign up for the services.

Check if the moving company has Workers' Compensation Board certificate
If the employee of the moving company is not covered by the Workers' Compensation Board certificate, then you may have to pay the medical bills if someone is injured during the move. Enquire first so that you don’t end up spending on medical treatments.

What are the services they provide?
Moving companies offer the whole suite of services as a package or individual items. It depends on the company and the client. The commonly provided services are cleanup, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and organizing. When you choose a package, you need to check the services offered with the package.

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